About Ocean & Human Health

The Ocean does so much for us. And our health is intrinsically connected to it. Exploring this extraordinary relationship is the basis for an emerging scientific discipline called “Oceans and Human Health”. Check out these videos and resources to discover how the ocean is present in your daily life, regardless of where you live. 

7 Reasons Why You Should Love the Ocean

The Ocean quenches your thirst.


Most of our drinking water comes from the Ocean, as does the water used for agriculture and farming. Water evaporates from the sea’s surface and, as it reaches higher in the sky, cools down and turns into water to form clouds. Our rain comes from the Ocean and we can grow fresh food because of this wonderful resource!

A healthy Ocean can help to combat climate change and sustain our global water supply.

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The Ocean brings food to the table.


The Ocean is an essential food provider. Seafood gives us important vitamins and is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which we can’t produce for ourselves. In Europe we eat a lot of seafood every year. Fish represents 17% of our protein intake and fisheries and aquaculture support the livelihood of many people across the globe.

A healthy Ocean can provide us with healthy, nutritious meals.

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The Ocean keeps you cool.


The Ocean is a massive body of water with a great ability to store heat. It plays an essential role in the regulation of the earth’s climate: the Ocean’s water currents distribute the absorbed heat around the globe, evening out the otherwise extreme temperatures of the poles and the equator, and making most of the earth habitable.

A healthy Ocean ensures us a free, well-functioning and natural air-conditioning system. 

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The Ocean makes you feel good.


For a long time doctors have suggested spending time by the coast as a treatment for illness. Spending time by the sea makes us feel physically and mentally good. It reduces stress, promotes physical activity and increases social interaction. The UK economy could save up to €200 million in healthcare per year from water-based recreation alone. 

A healthy Ocean breeds healthy humans! 

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The Ocean heals.


The Ocean acts like a huge pharmacy! Thousands of new chemicals have been discovered in the past 40 years, helping us to treat a number of diseases! These include compounds with potent anti-cancer properties or chemicals used to treat cystic fibrosis. Even jellyfish, and their green fluorescent protein, are helping scientists advance the study of the nervous system.

A healthy Ocean is a treasure trove of cures for healthy communities.

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The Ocean is everybody's home.


The Ocean is full of life. Nearly 230,000 marine species have been discovered worldwide, from microscopic algae to gigantic blue whales. But scientists estimate that many more are still to be discovered! All these species form complex ecosystems that work together to keep us and many other creatures healthy. Ecosystems with lots of plants and animals are better able to cope with disturbances, such as climate change.

A healthy Ocean is essential to treat our children to the stunning gift of sighting marine creatures in the wild.

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The Ocean provides the very air you breathe.

Between 50% to 70% of the oxygen in the air comes from the Ocean. Rainforests produce almost a third of the oxygen in the air. But marine plants and algae produce twice as much. How is this possible? Watch the video and find out!
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So take a deep breath and thank the Ocean!

If you want to show your gratitude, read further below to find out about simple actions you can take in your daily life to support healthier seas and oceans.